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Webdesign Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design
The most important part of building a good website is planning.  The initial planning phase helps to determine what your site will look like, what its purpose will be and who it will reach.  The following steps will help you start your website.

Can I use specific fonts on my website?

Web browsers can only display fonts that are on the visitor’s computer.  This means that when picking fonts for a website they should be fonts that everyone has.  You can use your own fonts for graphics such as logos or headers (this can have some disadvantages for search engines though).

I want multimedia (flash, music, animations) on my website, is this a good idea?

There is a delicate balance when using multimedia on a website that you want to look professional.  Flash was broadly (and badly) used when it first became popular on the internet.  A good rule to consider is why you need to have flash on your page.  If it accomplishes something that is unable to be achieved from a traditional webpage then it is useful.  For example flash is a good tool to create a visual tutorial or a marketing piece, but can be annoying as a page that frequent visitors have to click through or wait to load.  Music should follow the same rule.  If you are creating a webpage about your music then it is good to have music on your page, but otherwise it will present problems for visitors who already may be listening to music or be in an office where they don’t want music playing.  The best way to use these tools is in places where users know they are clicking a link that leads them to multimedia content.

I want to have an email address with my new .com, but can I have the mail go to my current email account?

Yes, we can forward the email to any account you'd like, but if you reply to an email without setting up the new .com address you created it will reply from whatever address your mail is being forwarded to.