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Steps to Starting Your Website

Web Design
The most important part of building a good website is planning.  The initial planning phase helps to determine what your site will look like, what its purpose will be and who it will reach.  The following steps will help you start your website.

Define Your Goals and Strategies.
  Before you start creating a website, you should analyze your business, your audience, and your goals for your new website.  Defining your purpose will give you a great guide to refer to while making important decisions in the future.

Pick a Name.  Domain names make it easier to find your website (, .net, .org, etc).  Domain names are often the name the company, but they can be anything you can think of.  Pick something that fits your site and that your audience will remember.

Prepare Your Content.  Fancy designs and graphics can help draw a user into your site, but without good content they are useless.  Once you know your site’s audience, begin deciding what information you will need to provide to them.  Put together the content you already have and figure out what content you will need to create.

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Getting Your Site Online

Building & Maintaining Your Website

Now that your site is planned out we are ready to begin the final stages of development.  Any graphics or logos should be sent in to aide in the design process.  The hosting and web address for your site should also be decided upon early in this phase.

Website Building: TC Websites will design graphical layouts for your site and present them to you for approval.  During this time any content that needs to be gathered or created should be completed.  Once the content and layouts are completed the pages will be coded into a functional website.  As pages are completed they will be tested and reviewed before they are finalized.

Site Launch and Maintenance: Once your website is complete we will make it available online.  The site will need to be hosted on a server, which we can provide or we can upload the site to your servers.  Once the site is online and working the project will be finished.  Now that your site is online it is important to keep it up to date.  We can assist you in applying updates or we can teach you how to update your site.

Your Site’s Future:  Now that you have a new website online it is time to promote it to your customers.  You can put your site’s address on business cards, flyers, advertisements, and at the bottom of your emails.  This is an easy way to promote your site.  It is important to keep your content up to date; if you want we can help update your site for you.  If you have any questions or new ideas for your website we are always willing to help find the best solution for your needs.